J-Term, Snow, and a Whole Lot of Post-its

Can you believe it? J-Term is practically over! This month flew by so fast. Pretty soon, we’ll all return from our studies abroad in Rome or Japan, our nation-wide internships, and back home to Hollins. As I’ve heard it, large piles of snow have fallen from the sky and splattered on the ground, threatening to drown our campus in white. This Floridian’s sending up a prayer that it all thaws before I return to campus and it never snows EVER AGAIN.

I have been told that my cause is hopeless. But a girl can dream, right?

The Snow

In Chapel Hill, NC, we received the slushy leftovers from the blizzard that hit DC and New York. I don’t think we had more than three or four inches of white mush, but most people lost power or were stuck inside anyway. Just another reminder that the South is in no way equipped to handle the bitter frost of the North.

What am I doing in North Carolina, you ask? I am interning with the lovely folks at UNC Press, and before you start thinking about all the cliche office disasters that I might be prone to, let it be known that I only broke the printer once, and I refuse to talk about the sticky note incident.


The University of North Carolina Press is an academic publishing house that specializes in creating the books that our professors will inevitably ask us to buy at the beginning of every semester. Most of my work involves emailing authors; scanning book reviews for quotes to post on amazon; and mailing out blads, ARCs, and comped copies for editors. On the weekends, I bundle up in my many layers, brave the cold, and explore Chapel Hill’s historic downtown.Downtown Chapel Hill

Whilst here, I’ve been supported by an amazing group of alumnae: Joanna Ruth Marsland, who set up my internship at the press; the sister of an alum, Virginia Guilfolie, who has graciously welcomed me into her home for the month; the co-founder and acquisitions editor of Algonquin books, Shannon Ravenel, who sat down for a chat about the publishing world; and even Wyndham Robertson, who not only shares her name with our library, but also became the first female assistant managing editor at Fortune magazine back in 1981.

I have been so blessed by the generosity, kindness, and humility of these fantastic women. I look forward to returning to the institution that gave them the tools to brave the world and conquer it. My blessings for everyone’s safe travels back to campus! Here’s looking towards the Spring!