Thus Begins the Semester-Long Adventure

Our first month of the spring semester is flying by, and if you’re anything like me, you’ve visited the registrar’s office more times than you can count, you like to pretend you’re not harassing your advisors, and you’re slightly concerned that your current course load is killing you softly with its not-so-silent song.

So many cool things happen on campus during the month of February. This year, we hosted the Wells Fargo Ethics Bowl during which our campus was flooded with philosophy, communications, and business majors from private colleges across Virginia. This year, Hampden-Sydney took the trophy, but I’m sure Hollins will steal it back from them next year.IMG_9121

Last week, we got snowed in. Ice and a foot and a half of white powder made walking to Moody for dinner a hazardous and time-consuming operation, especially for the coordinationally challenged and snow intolerant like myself. I am not one to slip and tell, but I will say that there was an incident with an ice patch and a hill that went rather unfortunate for me on one of my walks around the loop. But, if you’re not slipping on pavers, sledding down Tinker beach, building a snowman on the soccer field, binge-watching Netflix with hot chocolate, singing “Frozen”at the top of your lungs on the hill behind the library, or dead to the world with sleep, you are not living the Hollins snowed-in lifestyle.

But the month’s not over yet. Stay tuned! There are more adventures to come, especially as the prospies take over campus.