When Prospies Attack…

Batten Weekend is over! It came and went like the warm weather here: all too quickly. For one weekend only, the campus is filled with prospective students, interviewing for scholarships, participating in workshops, and investigating different programs via Q&A panels. There are also a lot of fancy dinners and luncheons.

Like many other students, I was asked to sit on a panel and discuss Hollins’ traditions, the creative writing program, our study abroad opportunities, and our internships. And every year, it’s always great to hear from parents and meet the women who will be coming to campus in the fall. #Classof2020!

There’s one question, however, that I always have trouble answering at these kind of events, and it always gets asked –  sometimes it comes from a moderator on a panel, sometimes from a parent, and, other times, from prospective students themselves: why did I choose Hollins?

I’ll talk about the easy access to study abroad, praise Hollins’ extensive alumnae network and internship programs – maybe I’ll even talk about the Batten Leadership Institute. But, no matter what quantifiable evidence I manage to give, I always come back to trying to describe the intangible, that feeling on campus, the fact that I’m an individual, not a number; the fact that I know my voice can make a difference, not because of the smaller size of the school, but because people are willing to listen; the fact that there is a very real, very permanent sense of sisterhood, infecting the dorms, the dining hall, the senate. It’s an atmosphere that is dynamic, comforting, and yet challenging. I can’t think of a better place to grow. And that’s why I chose Hollins.

Now if only I could manage to say that on a panel…