Take Back the Rock

I don’t want to sound like a creep stalker, people, but I have a confession to make: I love walking around Moody when everyone’s eating—catching snippets of debates on Austin’s work or slices of geeked-out confessions about the latest episode of “Sword Art.” There’s nothing cooler that debating over Star Wars canon and table hopping for opinions on Hamilton. But lately I’ve been involved in some table conversations about the not-so-silent elephant in the room: the Rock Incident.


And why wouldn’t there be discussion and outrage? Our beloved symbol of Hollins, our traditions, our community, our general zaniness, was marred, insulted, defaced. The Rock is our landmark, something that is intrinsically connected to who we all are as a campus—which is what made Sunday’s Take Back the Rock campaign and Monday’s Love Not Hate chalk-a-thon all the more inspiring and impressive.


I’m so proud of our campus’s immediate and take-no-prisoners attitude to this whole tragedy. I’m inspired by the amount of students who are present and active on campus, ready and willing to come up with innovative and cool ideas to solve problems out in the world and within our Hollins bubble. We’re awesome, guys.


That being said, I desperately wish the Rock Incident wasn’t the event reminding us of that.